He’s a Cat


My new friend, Claude, that I adopted from Cats in Need – Yorba Linda, has been with us for just about a month now.   And the results are in: He’s a Cat.  I present the following in evidence.

  1.  When I leave my office, where he sleeps, he comes looking for me, just like I want him to, but then he tries to lead me back to my office instead of staying with me, as I’d like him to.  He thinks he owns me (he does).
  2.   In an effort to get him more used to our bedroom, I moved one of his beds (his favorite, a little house) to our bedroom.  He wouldn’t go near it and when we were in my office he kept leading me back to the bedroom.   That stopped when I moved his bed back where it belonged.   He knows what he wants and insists on it.
  3. He loves to be pet and scratched and purrs happily when I hold him.  But sometimes, he likes to sit just out of reach purring.   When I put him in my lap, he curls up happily, but jumps down when he gets a chance.  He loves me, but in his own way.
  4. He eats only one brand of dry food and won’t touch any of the wet foods I’ve bought.   He doesn’t like cat treats or cat toys except for a catnip pillow our friend Rita bought him. **  He’s finicky.

Case closed.  Of course, it is a good thing because I love cats and their independent ways.   I’ve often said I want the same characteristics in my pets and my friends.  Love me as I am and I’ll return the favor.

** Of course, playing with toys is one of the casualties of declawing a cat because they can’t grip things.  That and the fact that it often leads to pain in their feet for life.   Claude was declawed by a previous owner (who then left him behind … nice).  He doesn’t seem to have any pain and even does a decent “scratching workout” on a scratching post.

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One Comment on “He’s a Cat”

  1. barrythewiz Says:

    So glad we got to meet him when he first “came home”. Send him our love.

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