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I know I am getting old when my nostalgic Thursday morning consists of reading the nostalgic posts I wrote between 2010 and 2014 on this blog under the title Friday Favorites. Yes, I am nostalgic over my nostalgia. (That would be nostalgia^2) (engineering humor) (not funny). There are over 200 Friday Favorites posts, most of them looking back over seven decades of life to find favorite songs, favorite vacations, favorite events … favorite you name it. I also (re)discovered that I was getting old back then. When I accidentally searched for Friday Favorties (one of my Favorite typos, apparently) there were half a dozen posts so titled. Really. Yes, I are a writer.

You might ask, How can one man have two hundred favorites? The answer is, of course, that while some of the Friday Favorites were forever favorites, others were favorites of the day. Let’s take music for example. I love so many songs that it would be impossible to have a permanent favorite. Instead, the song that feels like my favorite depends upon my mood … what’s happening in my life … what I happened hear in the car on the way to the office. As with most things I write, I learn about myself as I write about favorites. Writing about favorites not only leads me to the things and moments that have brought me joy, it helps me crystallize why they were special among the millions of happenings in my life. That is more than nostalgia … it is self-discovery.

I’ve been toying with the notion of starting to post Friday Favorites again but reading through my last few Friday Favorites in 2014 gives me pause (no, Claude, not paws).claudetoo Friday Favorites 8/15/2014 talks about how hard it is to come up with favorites I haven’t already used and ends up featuring my wife Muri’s apple pie. Delicious, of course, but not exactly self-discovery. And Friday Favorites 9/12/2014 gave up on adding something new and reposted my first Friday Favorite, a fby the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Maybe I should think a bit before I commit to Favorites again. So, in what may be a one-time reincarnation of Friday Favorites, I’m going to offer my (Favorite) Friday Favorite, a post that starts out talking about a favorite movie then ends up featuring my best day ever, the day my wife said, yes. Get your mind out of the gutter, dear reader … yes to taking my fraternity pin. Self-discovery indeed. You can read it by clicking on the fraternity pin below if you are so inclined.frat pin

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2 Comments on “(Favorite) Friday Favorite”

  1. granny1947 Says:

    Super post.
    Made me think.
    Don’t think I have any favourites!!!

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