From the Heart


Whether you are a romantic or not, whether you have a Valentine in your life or hate the day as 45% of Americans do, unless you lock yourself in your room today with the television off, you will see hearts everywhere. And odds are that somewhere during the day, you will hear someone say, I love you with all my heart. Now I think most people who know me would say I am a romantic, but I am also a scientist, a scientist who has within the past few years had a thorough evaluation of his heart by a


cardiologist. I assure you, he was not checking to see if I could love my Valentine, my wife Muri, in the way she deserves. No, he was making sure that a cardiac misfire hadn’t caused a blackout I experienced while riding my bike. It hadn’t and I’m fine, by the way, but having peered at my heart valves on the ultrasound machine, I know that my heart is a muscle, albeit a very sophisticated one. So what’s with all this Love from the Heart nonsense?

It turns out we owe that notion to the Greeks and Romans**. Aristotle taught his students that the heart controlled all emotions and the brain controlled reason while the Roman physician, Galen, who laid the groundwork for the modern view of the circulatory system also believed that while the brain was the seat of logic, the heart was the seat of emotions. Even though we continue to talk about loving from the heart, I think most of have been taught in a science class somewhere that love starts in the brain, as do all our emotions. But seriously, who wants to be told, I love you with all my brain? Actually, I have a few friends that might like it but that’s another story. And the truth is, when the brain says (((LOVE))), or even <<<LUST>>>, it triggers an assortment of glands to secrete a potpourri of hormones that create the sensations we associate with


love. I love you from the bottom of my glands or I love you with all my hormones doesn’t quite carry the romantic impact needed for Valentines Day, either. Would you want to receive a card with a picture of an adrenal gland on the front? And in the end, all those brain-triggered, gland-secreted hormones make our hearts beat like a drum when love comes calling, so I suppose that’s where we feel what we call love the most.


So, it’s Valentine’s Day, which is also my grandson, Reed’s, 14th birthday. My daughter tells us that makes it his Golden Birthday since today is the 14th. I didn’t know what that was … it is your birthday when your age is the same as the date. My wife Muri and I exchanged gifts and cards this morning and we will be headed to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch (dinner out on V-Day is a nightmare, don’t you know?). And though my Inner Scientist knows there are brain cells and neurons and glands and hormones involved in all of these things, my Outer Romantic knows they are matters of the heart. So, I wish my family and friends a Happy Valentine’s Day from the Bottom of My Heart. A Happy Birthday to my grandson Reed, who I love with all my heart. And Heartfelt Thanks to anyone who happens to stop by today to read Buds Blog.

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2 Comments on “From the Heart”

  1. “Golden Birthday?” that’s cute.
    Hope your Valentines Day is warmed by sun, friends, and family.

  2. barrythewiz Says:

    Happy Valentine’s day to you and Muri, dear friends — from the bottom of my heart (OK, and from way down in my brain!)

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