Music Hopping

musicNow that I am semi-retired, I have plenty of time for unproductive activities like word games on my tablet, texting with friends and sitting around doing nothing with my cat, Claude.   And Music Hopping.  Don’t look it up.  You won’t find it.

Music Hopping (v.): randomly searching through a music library or source and playing whatever strikes your fancy.

terryMy latest Music Hop (n. – The act of Music Hopping) started two night’s ago when , on the recommendation of a friend, I watched The Terry Kath Experience, about the founder of Chicago (my favorite rock horn group) on YouTube.   As it is prone to do, YouTube was happy to recommend other musical documentaries, includingsuite performances from Woodstock by Santana (my favorite rock guitarist) and Crosby, Stills, and Nash.   That led me to the documentary, Legends – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (The best rock harmonies on the planet.  Ever).   Even after years of listening, Suite Judy Blue Eyes still astonishes me.

Once I’m in Music Hopping mode, I have several ways to go.   I can stick with YouTube and see where its recommendations take me or I can dive into the roughly 6000 songs I have on my hard drive.   I can bring up the Amazon Music Player and see what it recommends based on what I’ve played in the past or do the same thing in the Amazon Music Store.   It’s not quite as much fun as it used to be prowling the music stations at Borders, but I am getting the hang of it.

Yesterday, I found myself hopping through the BeeGees Greatest Hits.  They are not a group that comes to mind when I think of favorites but they have some great harmonies, and the More Than a Woman scene in Saturday Night Fever is a keeper.

Further down the BeeGees playlist, I found two familiar titles, Heartbreaker and Islands in the Stream, but the BeeGees versions weren’t the ones I remembered.  Is it a sign of age that I had to use Google to find the versions that I loved?  Here they are:

Three more songs to add to my Favorites Playlist.  And that is Music Hopping at work.  Have a great weekend.

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