wpid-happy_birthday_to_you.jpgToday I turn 75.   A little over ten years ago, as I was approaching 65, I started this blog.  For most of my life until then, I had prided myself on Feeling Younger than I was.  The approach of my sixty-fifth birthday changed that, hence my first post was titled Feeling Old.  I blame the arrival of my red, white and blue Medicare Card for the transition from Younger to Older.  After years of monitoring my Dad’s Medicare, it was suddenly me that needed monitoring.   But I also could see that in some ways, these were the best years of my life and I started Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog as a place to talk about both sides of the aging coin … as the Slug Line says, Reflections from an Older Perspective.

In my mid sixties my wife Muri and I were at a Neil Diamond Concert, and at the intermission, I got talking with an older  fellow sitting in front of us.   He asked how old I was, and when I said Sixty-Seven, he said, Well, let me tell you something.  The road from 65 to 75 is a long one.   It seems we older folks are always anxious to caution our younger brethren as to what’s ahead, and we younger brethren are just as inclined to dismiss the warning.  But he was right.   AND, having reached 75 myself, I realize it was not a warning but simply the kind observation we septuagenarians make as we enter our later years.   I find myself enduring morning aches that I had to run a marathon to earn in my forties.   Injuries, like sprained ankles, that used to come from sports now are the result of falling out of bed or gardening.   And they take forever to heal.  My sense of smell has left me, leaving me unable to taste more than salty, sweet, bitter and sour.  More and more I find myself joining throngs of other elders in the waiting rooms of internists, cardiologists and and urologist who specialize in senior problems.  I wonder, when will it be my turn to have a major medical issue?   And too often, my decisions are shaped by the question: How many years do I have left?

Does that sound like a complaint?   Well, of course it is, but even at 75, there are two sides to the aging coin.  I am a very fortunate man.   My health is very good for a man my age (for a man your age could be a motto for senior men).   I have lost some dear friends but still have a small cadre of long time friends with whom we share … and laugh about … our senior issues.   Having discovered that I have The Grandfather Gene, I find grandkids3happiness I never expected in my three grandkids.  The love of my life is still by my side after over 50 years and we still go on dates every weekend … theater and concerts and movies … and more and more, even trips to the store seem like dates.   I still write and paint and take photos at the park … and listening to music as I walk still makes me feel the presence of something that feels like a Soul inside me.  And amazingly, my small consulting firm still provides me with interesting work an acceptable percentage of the time.  I think it helps keep this old brain nimble, at least for a man my age.  I have my curmudgeonly days, for sure, but I have developed a simple faith that, for the most part, allows me to accept life as it is, feeling the joy and the sorrow of life as part of the plan.

Today I turn 75.  Still Feeling Old.  But still kicking.  Happy birthday to me.

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2 Comments on “Seventy-Five”

  1. Mike Says:

    Happy birthday, Bud!!

  2. Mazoli IC Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

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