thI wrote this at 30,000 feet over a year ago. It has been languishing, 73.8% finished and sans pictures, in my WordPress Draft Posts file. We were on an Alaska Airlines flight somewhere along the left coast of this great country of ours, on the first leg of our flight to Calgary, the gateway to the Canadian Rockies. It was a trip to celebrate the passing of our fiftieth wedding anniversary. My wife, Muri, was engrossed… as she often is … in a book. Me? I was three glasses of Chardonnay into a first class fight and listening to Jackson Browne. And that, dear reader, is the formula for Nostalgia.

I’d been looking at the collection of photographs on my tablet … photos of the years our children were still children, pictures of Muri and I together in Maui, Bermuda, Mammoth Lakes and Rome. There were pictures of us with family and friends, some who are no longer with us, and with grandkids who are growing up too fast. There were photos of the wonders of this world, whether it be bluebirds in our local park, the grandeur of Maui sunsets, or the beauty of Rome. And I found myself verklempt, teary-eyed while I watched my wife of fifty years page-turn through her latest read, and my favorite song, Jackson Browne’s Sky Blue and Black came to a close on my headphones.


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I have been suffering through several years of poster’s block and so I’ve been looking through my unfinished drafts in search of something worth finishing. A bit of Nostalgia for a life well-lived seems like a good place to start. My world isn’t perfect … we can talk about that sometime if you like … but I am profoundly aware that I am a most fortunate man.  And that is a lovely way to start a weekend, don’t you think? Sure you do.

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