Just Plain Stupid


Recently, I posted about how many black … and black and white … cats are languishing in rescues around the country. If they are lucky, they are in a no kill rescue, meaning they have a forever home, even it’s a cage. Those in shelters that euthanize cats are more likely to euthanize black cats because they are the last to be taken. Why? Because a sizeable slice of our supposedly modern society still believes the ancient superstitions that black cats are bad luck.

Case in point: During the Cowboys-Giants game last night, a black cat wandered onto the playing field. The poor thing was clearly frightened, but the fans and the announcers made it a big joke, wondering if the kitty’s arrival would bring bad luck to the Cowboys. Or the Giants. The black cats are bad luck banter went

nfl cat

on while security tried to capture the cat and one of the announcers took the opportunity to point out if it was a dog, it would be easy to catch. This morning, the internet sports pages feature photos of the cat and videos of it being chased around the field. These are accompanied by interviews with players and coaches expressing relief that the cat didn’t bring them bad luck. Not a soul expressed concern for the cat. Meanwhile, 1.4 million cats are euthanized every year because nobody wants them.

I like to believe that our 200,000 years of evolution has given our species a modicum of intelligence and at least some compassion. That’s what I like to think. But this morning my Inner Curmudgeon is telling me that the evidence suggest that we humans are Just Plain Stupid. Except for him and me, that is (he’s not so sure about me). But we agree on this … the NFL, ESPN and the sports media should be ashamed of themselves.

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