Thanksgiving #75

thanksgivingMy 75th Thanksgiving finds us living in our daughters house in Utah, waiting for our new house nearby to be finished. It has been a long week. The buyers of our California house were slow in signing certain documents, making us concerned that they’d back out. As a result, escrow is 5 days late and counting. We are assured that the delay is a bank issue but I will feel better when the deal is done. Some $&@#(& in a Honda rear ended me on the 15 Freeway in Vegas then left the scene, leaving me to drive a damaged but drivable vehicle the rest the way to Utah. My daughter will undergo extensive … expensive … surgery after the holidays with a long recovery. So, Thanksgiving at 75. Can I not be in the mood?

A friend of mine (with the interesting nickname, Bubbles) used to say that Gratitude isn’t a feeling, it’s an action. I can make a gratitude list whether I feel like it or not. I can write things like:

  • At least we didn’t need the escrow to close quickly.
  • At least no one was hurt in the accident
  • At least we will be here to help our daughter during her recovery

Past experience tells me this: Eventually I’ll get past the at leasts and find things I feel grateful for:

  • The love of my life still at my side after over 50 years
  • Our health (both physical and financial)
  • Spending Thanksgiving with the Utah branch of our family
  • The beautiful new house that will be ours in three weeks

I could go on and on (and will, tomorrow morning in my journal). I hope you will take the time to make a gratitude list for Thanksgiving, even if it is only in your head. And I hope you have a




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One Comment on “Thanksgiving #75”

  1. Margy Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! There are sure a lot of wonderful places to visit in Utah – that is something that always makes me thankful when we visit them!

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