Meet Tyson


Yesterday, we picked up my new feline pal from his foster home. His name is Tyson and you might say he is a long distance rescue. When we lost my friend Claude to cancer last August, we decided it made sense to wait until we move to Utah before I found another kitty. I continued to work at the Cats in Need Rescue in Yorba Linda to get my kitty-time and even met a few new cats I’d have brought home, but I waited. You might say I mostly waited because I discovered a website, Petfinder, that allows you to search for pets to rescue in most cities. And so I began to search in the Greater Salt Lake area, where we were moving in December. It was mostly just for fun and to discover where there were rescues I might visit after we moved. That is until early November when I came across Tyson at the Friends of Community – Cat Rescue (FOCCR) in the Salt Lake suburb of Centerville. This was his profile.


He seemed like the perfect cat for me. I wanted another tuxedo but I didn’t want him to look too much like Claude because that would make me sad every time I looked at him. Like many tuxedos (and black cats) he was languishing at the rescue, overlooked who knows why. After keeping an eye on him online for a while, I inquired about him, asking if it would be possible for him to be fostered until after Christmas. FOCCR asked me to submit an adoption application, which I did. I was immediately approved (since my resume included working for over a year at a rescue, I assume). And so, after speaking with my wife Muri about it, I committed to adopting him … after Christmas.

Tyson has made himself at home here, exploring every corner of our new house and every partly unpacked box. When he’s not busy exploring, he’s a lap cat, which I love but he does a LOT of exploring. One of his peccadilloes is that he likes to drink from the faucet and he’ll climb right into the sink to do so. Last night our grandkids visited and he hopped right up on the sofa to sit with them. Like most cats acclimating themselves to a new place, he periodically hides under the bed or on a closet shelf to de-stress. Like Claude, he’s had a tough life, rescued then returned and too much time in rescues. But he’s got a home now. And we are both happier for it.

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