Today, I turn 76 years old, passing the quarter century mark. When people find out my age they are usually say, I’d never have guessed you’re that old. Talk about a double-edged compliment. The surprise likely owes to the fact that I was blessed with wrinkle resistant skin, at least in the places that show, and I regularly shave of any trace of white hair off my head and face. I remain passionate about life, which always makes a person seem younger and I move around pretty well in spite of a mix of aches kept in check by exercise, stretches and a few over-the counter medications. Perhaps the biggest difference between 66 and 76 is that staying active and passionate takes more effort than it used to.

But I am a lucky quarter-centurion.  I have a cast of characters in this life of mine that make it all worthwhile, starting with my wife of 51 years … she’s been the Love of my Life for longer.  As of December 2019, I’ve had my daughter, her husband, and my grandkids (three) living a few miles away.  At 76, I  am closer with my younger brother than ever before, even though the relationship is mostly email or Facebook.   Historically, Reed men are not phone talkers, but a move to Utah and a pandemic have changed that … I have a smattering of close friends across the country that I talk to regularity (and sometimes Zoom with).  One benefit of the pandemic is that I even get to attend my Thursday Night Men’s Meetings in California via Zoom.  And oh yeah, there’s a tuxedo cat named Tyson that keeps me smiling.

I am still working a small percentage of the time, interesting, challenging work that pays the bills and keeps my left-brain working.   For my right-brain, there’s writing and painting and drawing and photography to lift me out of my sometimes old-guy slumps.   And then there is music, my direct connection to inspiration … and to my soul.  It accompanies me on my walks, rattles the windows of my car when I’m out alone and plays in my head nearly always.  Classic rock.  Folk-rock.  Jazz.  Classical.  Opera.  Anything but rap and hip-hop (Give me a break, I’m 76).

This morning I awoke to the sound of my daughter’s voice … Is anybody home?  She was dropping off breakfast.  There were family made signs and Happy Birthday balloons on our tiny back lawn and  birthday cards to open.  Later on my grandkids will be here.   Life is good.  Happy birthday, Older Eyes.

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2 Comments on “Seventy-6”

  1. barrythewiz Says:

    Happy Birthday dear friend. It makes us feel so good to hear you doing so well. So sorry we couldn’t be with you to celebrate. Hopefully in the not too far distant future.

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