(Borderline) Boomer

you tubeI have been watching a LOT of YouTube videos lately, mostly music, music commentaries and art documentaries.   One of the channels I watch a lot is Rick Beato, especially his What Makes This Song Great? series.  According to EverybodyWiki, Rick Beato is an American YouTuber, record producer, songwriter, musician, and educator whose career in the music industry and in education has spanned several decades and brought him numerous awards and much recognition professionally.   You can read more about him here if you are interested.  To be honest, his commentaries are beyond me musically but I still enjoy hearing an expert dissect the songs I’ve listened to for year.

This week I watched two of his videos: I just listened to the Top 10 on Spotify…WTF? and Why BOOMERS Hate POP Music,  Now, I was born in 1944, two years before the official period designated for Boomer Births, so it probably won’t surprise you that: (1) I have never listened to Spotify; and (2) while I don’t exactly hate current pop music, I’d much rather listen to pop music from my day, say 1958-1989.  Further back if you take into account my love of Big Bands, Frank Sinatra and classic jazz.  And even further if you count my love of classical music.  But I digress.  I listened to Top Ten Spotify video just to see what someone who not only loves music but knows about it regards the current popular music.  Even if he is himself a Boomer, he was fairly positive about some of the songs,  even ones I couldn’t stand.

What I found very interesting was the second video.   Beato listed six things in current pop music that he thinks are what turn off Boomers:  no tempo variations; repetitive sounds (like drum machines); No key changes (entire song in one key); no dynamic variations (variations in loudness); simple melodies (partly due to no key changes); tuned vocals (automatic correction of pitch).   Though I couldn’t articulate it myself, that is exactly why I generally prefer older music.

If you’ve stayed with me this long you deserve to hear some music.  First, the song I like best from the Spotify Top Ten, Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.

And now, Suite Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby Stills and Nash.

Real drums and real guitars. Tempo and key changes all over the place. Interesting, untuned vocals. Great melody and lyrics. No contest. I know. OK, (Borderline) Boomer. What can I say? The truth hurts.

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