Sick and Tired

I’ve had it. I’m sick and Tired. Of reading about COVID-19. Of reading about the election. Of seeing statements in the news that anyone with an ounce (a gram!) of critical thinking would know is a falsehood. I am tired of getting twice-daily solicitations from politicians even though I’ve already given more than I ever have before. By the way, I am tired of getting thank you notes for charitable contributions that include a request (and envelope) for another. I am tired of the news and knowing exactly what position each source will take on any given issue. I am tired of opinion masquerading as news and of people dismissing what they don’t want to hear as Fake News.   I am tired of listening to people’s opinions on subjects that require expertise they don’t have. I am tired of polarized opinions, even mine. I am tired of politicians. CEOs. So-called reporters. I am tired of Facebook and disgusted that the ultimate dumb idea, Twitter, is so influential in our society.

I am tired of masks and people who won’t wear them even though medical science has shown that they prevent the spread. I am tired of people who casually dismiss 210,000 deaths from COVID (many of them in my age group). I am tired of people who don’t fact check their facts before they post them (e.g. – COVID is just like the flu). I am sick of people dismissing scientific fact in favor of politics and wishful thinking. I am tired of a world where character, basic human dignity, doesn’t seem to matter. I am tired of seeing not-so-subtle discrimination against women, people of color and different sexual preferences. And I’m tired of people who pretend it doesn’t exist. I’m tired of protesters, especially those who resort to violence and police who use excessive force. I’m tired of seeing the country I love acting like a third world nation in the face of COVID-19.

The secret to making it through 2020 is taking time to look at the many things I’m grateful for.  I try to do it every day. But this isn’t that day. Today, I’m sick and tired.

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