It has been an unseasonably warm October here in Utah, at least according to my daughter who has lived here for five years. I had been looking forward to Autumn and in spite of the warmer weather, the trees were doing their part. turning yellow and gold and red. But I wanted some cool autumn weather. Watch what you ask for. Sunday evening it was in the low fifties at bedtime but we woke to sub-thirty temperatures … and SNOW. And it has remained in the twenties and thirties since then.  Welcome to Utah.

Last night, my grandson, Maddux had a soccer game at 5:30. The wind was blowing and temperatures were around thirty. The game was important; they needed to win in a shutout to finish in first place, which really put a lot of pressure on Maddux, who is the goalkeeper.  So I put on my warm clothes and off I went. His team dominated possession, which meant that Maddux was standing around most of the game. To keep him loose, his Dad had him running laps around the goal but by the second half his toes were so cold it was hard to kick the ball. Still he made several nice saves including a diving save to snatch the ball off the foot of other team’s forward, preserving the 4-0 shutout. I went home a happy but frozen Papa.  Last night the news reported several new wildfires in Southern California. It was as if Mother Nature was saying, So. The cold’s not so bad is it? I have to admit, I don’t miss wondering how soon we’ll be evacuated.

Today I set out on my morning walk in a heavy sweatshirt, a puff jacket, a wool beanie and light gloves, a clothing choice that reflected my fifty years as a Californian. Within a quarter mile the hat and gloves were off and the jacket was unzipped. I got in my 6000 steps but I was soaked with sweat by the time I got home. My choice of music, however, was impeccable … the Best of Carly Simon. It’s always hard to pick a favorite but I choose this one:

Have a great week.

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One Comment on “Cold”

  1. barrythewiz Says:

    Congrats Maddux and to Grandpa for sticking it out. I saw that 60K people were evacuated from our old home town – Irvine. Good year to be FROM Socal.

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