I grew up in New England, Connecticut to be precise.  When I was a child, snow was a delight, a chance to sled, have snowball fights, build snow forts and snowmen.   As I grew, it became a source of income as well as fun … there were usually neighbors willing to pay a few dollars to have their driveways shoveled.   The Christmas light reflected in the glittering snow are part of my best holiday memories.  It even played a role in the courtship of my wife, Muri.  We made up after our last break-up standing on the bridge on the University of Connecticut’s Mirror Lake.  During a snow storm.  Apparently that’s a good place to make a commitment because here we are, 54 years later.

In 1971, we moved to California and quickly adapted to the muted seasons there.  Plants stayed green and flowers bloomed all year and a day with temperatures in the forties was considered frigid.   We could see the snow in the distance in the San Gabriel Mountains and we’d occasionally travel there as a day trip to let the kids play in the snow.   I became a Californian, happy with the weather and mouthing one of the fundamental tenets of Californianism … If I want to see snow I can drive to the mountains.

Now we live in South Jordan, Utah.  We are in the midst of our second winter here and I am surprised to say, I like the snow.   Sure, sometimes it’s a little tricky to drive in but we came here equipped with an All-Wheel-Drive SUV that keeps us out of trouble.  And as septuagenarians, we have to be extra careful of slippery sidewalks.  But it is worth the precautions because the snow is simply beautiful and pairs nicely with the Wasatch Mountain that are a backdrop to our new neighborhood.   And as much as the mountains are Big and Beautiful, I have a fondness for the Small and Beautiful way the snow interacts with the winter flora and fauna.  Here are a few examples from this week’s walk at the South Jordan River Trail.   Enjoy.

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4 Comments on “Snow”

  1. barrythewiz Says:

    This is great, but I have to tell you, I miss CA in the winter. Beach crowds are gone, the temps are ideal for being outdoors, and there is no slipping and sliding. But I do love your pix and am so pleased that you and Muri are loving Utah. Enjoy!

  2. Tee Says:

    You seem to adapt well no matter where you go. I’ve lived in a four-distinct-seasons climate all my life, and while I’ll periodically proclaim that I hate the snow and cold, I think I would miss the changing weather. And now that I work from home and don’t have to drive when the weather is at its worst, I’m even more accepting of it. Eventually, I might consider a few months away in a warmer climate, but I’ll probably not ever venture too far from where I am.

    Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Definitely going to follow your blog!

  4. Thanks for continuous posts and the reminders for such. Papa Osmubal

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