matzosProbably most of you know that last Friday was Good Friday, the day that Jesus was crucified.   A likely lesser number know that it was the 7th day of Passover, the traditional Jewish commemoration of the escape of the Jews from Egypt. The juxtaposition is no coincidence, of course … Jesus was a Jew and the last Supper was a Passover Seder.  Although I have never converted to Judaism (something about a ritual circumcision … just a tiny knick, the rabbi said), I do join my wife Muri in not consuming leavened bread grains of legumes.  To be honest, some years more than others.  I am a bread addict and I admit, sometimes I indulge in sneak treat when I’m out alone.  Not this year.  Now, in case you are not Jewish … or never took  some kaocomparative religion in school …. you may have never tasted Matzoh, the unleavened cardboard (er, bread) that we eat instead of real bread during Passover.    For me, eating too much Matzoh is like drinking a bottle of Kaopectate with breakfast.   My digestive system stops working and I lose my appetite … and by Friday breakfast time I was dying for carbs.   I decided to sneak off to McDonald’s for a sausage McMuffin with Egg,

The line at the drive-through was long and it was 10:35 … the drive up menu had already changed from breakfast to lunch.  Yes, I know.  All day breakfast.   But not all day hashbrowns!  By the time I ordered, it was 10:40.  Do you still have hashbrowns?, I asked.  We should have some, the server answered.  Should. Apple TP Meanwhile, the woman in front of me was trying to pay for her order with her phone … Google Pay or Apple Pay or whatever.  (Probably Apple Pay … iPhone users seem obsessed with using their phones for everything.  Have you seen the new Apple TP app?)  She tried tapping, it waving it and still it wouldn’t register.  The server tried it and still, Apple Pay wouldn’t Pay.  Shit, I thought, picturing the last of the hashbrowns going into the trash as they switched to fries.  G-d, I thought, if You get me some hashbrowns, I won’t eat the English muffin.  She tried again, holding the phone against the card reader while she entered something on the keypad.  Bingo.   She moved on,  When I reached the  pickup window, the server said, You’re lucky.  You got the last hashbrown.  I smiled knowingly and when I got in the lot, I took the egg, sausage and cheese off the muffin, placed it on the hashbrown and enjoyed a appropriate Passover breakfast.

suggsThat is how I came to score 100% on my Passover fast.  And I got to break the fast appropriately at Brio Tuscan Grille, with pasta instead of a muffin.   When I got home, I got to watch another Passover miracle as UCLA lost to Gonzaga on a last second half-court shot by Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs.   Nice.

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