Small Things

crows2Last night, I set out on my walk later than usual, needing about 4000 steps to reach the daily quota dictated by my Fitbit.   It was springtime warm and  to be honest, these old legs didn’t want to go.  Often when I need motivation to walk … and perhaps something upbeat to give me a brisk rhythm to walk to … I put on my Uplifting Tunes playlist, which is an assortment of favorites like Moondance, Rise, and Dance with Me.  Guaranteed to lift your spirits.   But my legs said, Put that crap on and we will go on strike.  So instead, I put on Linda Ronstadt’s Hasten Down the Wind, a beautiful mix of mostly slower songs better matched to my mood and my condition.   And how can you go wrong with Linda, on of the most incredible voices of my lifetime?

My standard 4000 step walk is down to Mountain view corridor on the gravel walking path that runs though the meadows then back home on the walking trail that runs down the parkway of Lake Avenue.   It features views of the Wasatch Mountains, wildflowers and usually, birds.  The birds must have been on break because I saw only one solitary red-winged blackbird and he chose not to sing.  Until I got to Mountain View.    I will tell you that crows have never been my favorite birds.  No, its not because of the color of their feathers … I am not a bird-racist.   As I came to know them in California they were not particularly interesting, hanging around in large flocks (known for some reason as murders), making a racket and harassing other birds.   But here in Utah, the seem to have learned the joys of soaring.  At a distance I often mistake then for hawk, their flight is so beautiful.

Now, it is often said that small things amuse small minds so this post may convince you that I have the latter.   Friends and family have told me I’m easily distracted, interrupting conversations to point out a bird or a flower or pick up an interesting rock.   Who but an easily distracted old codger would stand in a meadow watching for crows soar against the evening sky?  I plead guilty.   I don’t know if crows feel joy but I felt it watching them … and we humans are inclined toward anthropomorphism, aren’t we?   I made a short video on my phone and when I watched it at home, I decided to share it on Oldereyes – Bud’s Blog.   I added music to it … The Ahn Trio’s lovely Magic Hour seemed perfect … to help those of you less easily distracted to see it as I did.

At 77, I know that being easily distracted by the small wonders of nature is a fine way bring joy to life.  And tell me the truth.  Watching this video, didn’t you wish you could be a crow, just of a little while.   At least until you realized that part of your diet would likely be road kill.

Have a great weekend.

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One Comment on “Small Things”

  1. Mike Curatola Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Bud. It was moving to watch with the music. Have a nice weekend.


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