I am sitting this morning on a balcony at the Aston Kaanapali Shores, looking out over the lush grounds. and the Pacific Ocean.  The day has started rainy and a pale rainbow stretches across the cloudy sky.   We are here with my daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren until Monday,  Mynah birds are squawking and singing in the palm trees and even though there are issues to deal with at home, I am at peace.  The depression I’ve been dealing with lately is taking a vacation.  The Grey Ghost of depression apparently doesn’t leave the mainland.   Though my wife Muri and I have never been bitten by the travel bug, we have been to Maui 7 times.   With friends.  With our kids.  By ourselves for birthdays and for no reason at all.   It is my favorite place on earth.  And I love sharing it with our grandchildren.


We are headed home today.  Well, sort of.   A six hour flight to LA then a brief overnight at the Westin before a two hour flight to Salt Lake City, the home of the longest walk from the American Airlines gate to baggage claim.  The sadness of a vacation coming to a close is offset by the anticipation of picking up my cat, Tyson, at the Petsmart Petshotel.  Having worked at a Petsmart Cat Rescue, I know it is a good place for him.   But since we rescued him from a Petsmart, I worry that he thinks he’s been abandoned again.  It will be good to have him in my lap again.   And next week we have dear friends coming to visit.

Life is good.

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One Comment on “Maui”

  1. Someday I will et to Maui.
    (Being gone is a lot easier when you know your fur friends are in a good place )

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