Oh My, Omicron

covidIs anyone else tired of reading about Covid-19 and its variants?   How about reading different and conflicting accounts of how dangerous the new and improved (from the virus’ point of view) omicron variant will turn out to be?  After all, in South Africa, the onslaught seems to have petered out but reliable sources tell me that won’t necessarily be the case here.  So, here I am again, trying to decide whether I should attend activities in our over 55 community or be one of the small percentage of (mostly) seniors wearing masks in the market.  With two vaccinations and a booster for both my wife and I, life seemed to be returning to a semblance of normalcy and, sure, I’m glad to hear that this provides some protection against omicron … but how much some is enough?  Sometimes, I wish I was brain-dead enough to follow the Q-Anons down the conspiracy theory rat hole and dismiss the entire thing as a hoax.  But seventy-seven years have left my brain still functioning, at least enough to dismiss idiotic theories.

Here in Utah, I would say that 95% of people are not wearing masks and I can see no evidence of social distancing.  In the stores, only a small fraction of the customers use sanitary wipes on their carts even though most stores seem to have dispensed with regular cart sanitizing.   Right before Christmas. my wife and I went to the theater for the first time in over two years (to see ELF the Musical) and most people heeded the theater’s request that everyone wear a mask … but there was no enforcement.  We optimistically bought a subscription to the Pioneer Theater and our daughter and son-in-law gave us one to Hale Theater.   I hate that we are probably going to have to assess, play by play, whether it’s wise to attend but I guess that’s how life will be for now.  I’m back to masking up in crowded places and carrying hand sanitizer.

O_vaccines_stIf there were true karma, only those who are unvaccinated would catch COVID and if that were the case, I’d say fine … take your chances if you want.   But breakthrough cases are becoming increasingly common as omicron spreads.  So, being unvaccinated places those who are at increased risk … and provides COVID with a breeding ground for new variants.  Unless you have a medical reason not to be, refusing vaccination is selfish.   Shit, even Donald Trump is now saying get vaccinated.  And please, don’t tell me your God, whatever you choose to call him, is opposed to vaccination.  Why do you think He gave us the intelligence to create a vaccine?  Use the intelligence He gave you and get vaccinated!!

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2 Comments on “Oh My, Omicron”

  1. Julie Says:

    I’ve heard it said, “Karma never loses an address”. . . .

  2. granny1947 Says:

    Hi There.
    It is wonderful to hear the voice of reason.
    Wearing masks in South Africa is still mandatory.
    As is social distancing.
    I avoid the shops as much as possible.
    I go early in the morning when there are very few people.
    Yes, here in South Africa the virus appears to be waning.
    However, I doubt the figures we are being fed.
    I think that, because the Omicron is so mild, folk are just able to sit it out.
    I think our figures are probably a lot higher.
    Also, our government has a dreadful record of inefficiency.
    Thank heavens we appear to have really good scientists.

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