Playing Favorites 6/24/2022

turnIt has been 5 weeks since my birthday.   It was a wonderful birthday … followed by what can best be described as a shit-storm.   Sorry if my choice of words offends you.   On the evening of my birthday, our son texted me with some legal issues he needed help with.  Never good.  The next day, my daughter told me they are moving to Texas, which is really hard to take, since to my recollection their promise not to leave Utah was one of the reasons we moved here.  The sense of betrayal that brings has been keeping me awake nights.  Then, we both came down with COVID.   A trip last weekend to Virginia to attend the Bar Mitvah of the son of our dearest friends left us exhausted but probably kept me sane.   It was a joyful occasion but seeing them surrounded by their kids and grandkids was also a reminder that ours would be moving away.  So, the last time I posted Playing Favorites, the song of the day was the saddest song I know, Shattered by Linda Ronstadt.

This morning, I decided it is time turn the corner and move on.  That doesn’t mean I won’t cry or feel the angry heat of being betrayed or miss the heck out of my grandkids.   It means that I am not going to let those feelings own my life any longer.  That is a challenge because I am prone to depression and the Grey Ghost likes nothing more than an excuse to drag me down into the land of I-don’t-care-about-anything.  For me, the only way to turn the corner is to push through the lethargy and keep busy.  This morning I wrote in my journal and did some spiritual reading.  Now I am posting here.  About music.   Hopefully in the coming days I’ll be posting here more often.   But what favorite song should follow Shattered?  How about a song about the person that has sustained me through every up and down, my wife of 54 years, Muri.  What can be better than lyrics like:

Oh, there have been times when the times were so tough
But somehow, some way I’d made it through
And for every moment I’ve spent hurting
There’s been moments spent loving you

Yep.   Gladys Knight singing You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me.  The perfect song for turning the corner.

I am a lucky man.

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