Playing Favorites 7/1/2022

ELPSo, music lovers, the question of the day is: How far down the list of songs I like (or even songs I love) can a song fall and still be regarded as a favorite?  And, in fact, Can a song that I’ve completely forgotten about but used to love qualify for Playing Favorites?  This week, as I was looking through YouTube’s list of live performances, I came across Greg Lake (formerly of Emerson, Lake and Palmer) performing From the Beginning.  So the question becomes, Can a song I’ve forgotten about but used to love … by one member of the band that originally recorded said song, a member who, by the way, died in 2016 … qualify for Playing Favorites?  Of course, while the questions sound hard, the answer is easy.   Here on Oldereyes – Bud’s Blog, my Alter Ego and I make the rules and we usually agree.  Like today.

I wonder how many of you remember Emerson, Lake and Palmer.   ELP was an English progressive rock band formed by three musicians from other bands; keyboardist Emerson Lake from The Nice; guitarist Greg Lake from King Crimson; and drummer Carl Palmer of Atomic Rooster (yes, I had to look that up).  Most of their initial recordings were rock adaptations of classical pieces like Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky or an adaptation of Rodeo by Aaron Copland titled Hoedown.  Emerson did much of the songwriting and preferred bombastic classical-based (some would say pretentious) pieces heavy on organ and synthesizer while Lake preferred more conventional rock, like today’s Favorite, From the Beginning.  The song was originally written for Lake’s former band, King Crimson but appeared on ELP’s album Trilogy in 1972.  This version is from a concert during Lake’s 2005 solo tour.


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