charityMy wife, Muri, and I could hardly be called philanthropists, but we do our best to support charities.  We have been most fortunate in our lives and it only seems right.  Muri mostly takes care of the medical research organizations like the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association.  We usually support research in areas that have affected us, our family and friends.  Monthly, she donates to one or two of our causes, using a rotation formula only she knows.  I donate monthly to several causes and donate, mostly online, to causes as the urge strikes me.   In addition to medical causes, I donate to animal causes like the ASPCA and Humane society and to environmental causes like the Sierra Club.   And political contributions.   I never made political donations until 2020, when Trump was threatening to get four more years.   I donated to anti-Trump organizations like The Lincoln Project, to the Democratic Party and to critical democratic candidates, quite generously for a mostly non-political guy.

You know what happens when you are charitable, don’t you?  You are inundated with requests for more more moreMORE!  Even thank you notes from our regular causes come with requests for more money.  Can’t you become a monthly donor? they ask.  No, we can’t.   We need some money for ourselves.  Daily, when Muri and I drive to the mailbox, there are a half dozen requests for charitable contributions, some including small gifts like coins, cards or (even) socks to make us feel guilty enough to contribute.  Stop.  It doesn’t work and it annoys me.   Every day my Facebook page is packed with pictures of sad, sick animals,trump smiling but sick kids, and beautiful natural scenes which will be gone if I don’t send money now.  And then there are the political causes.   My candidacy is crucial to stopping Trump.  If you don’t donate by midnight tonight, Trump will be king, er, president again, accompanied by a photo of a maniacal lookingDonald.  And the political texts are the worst!


Choking back tears:
Fetterman is inches from flipping Pennsylvania blue. 
But no one is donating?!  We’re so humiliated. 
We’ll have to pull our teams and abandon him.  
PLEASE DONATE $5  –  Progressive Turnout Projects.

Memo to political causes.  Fake hysteria does not solicit donations, at least in Oldereyes’ mailbox.  And the worst … political requests for money posing as surveys.   After five minutes thoughtfully answering questions come the only question that counts: Can you donate $30?  Can you please do it monthly?  No.  Not if you pretend to be a survey.

Is there a point to this?  Well, actually, no.  It is just an old goat ranting into the wind.   I believe that donating to charity is an important duty of those who have been fortunate enough to be able to so.    There are so many people, animals and causes that need our financial help.   Did you know that according to the Gallup poll, 81% of Americans donated to charity last year?  So, join the crowd, try to ignore the annoying solicitations and choose a few causes to help.  And, if you can, donate your time like 53% of Americans do.

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2 Comments on “Giving”

  1. Jane Fritz Says:

    I enjoyed this post. We have similar donating philosophies and donating habits. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wonders why the people who donate are the ones who get bugged the most. I sort of get it, but do they ever stop and consider that it might be a turnoff?! I now keep a spreadsheet so when I get a come on from a charity I believe in I can check to see if this is a real reminder or a hope for even more! 😏

  2. barrythewiz Says:

    I agree with this post 100%. I literally could have written it verbatim. The things that gall me the most are the giveaways. Bags, socks, calendars, etc. I guess the organizations know what they are doing, but it seems like those $’s could be better spent working on the core cause.

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