Playing Favorites 10/14/2022

leahytooYears ago my wife Muri and I used to take a mini-vacation every Valentine’s Day.  I’d pick a place that wasn’t too far from home then search the web for things to do there: museums, concerts, tours … and, of course, restaurants.  This all stopped when our first grandson, Reed, was born on Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day became Reed’s Birthday.   The year before Reed was born, we spent a long weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In searching for entertainment for Saturday night, I found a group named Leahy performing at the Lensic Performing Arts Center.  I’d never heard of the group, so I navigated to their website to find that Leahy is a Canadian folk group made up entirely of family members from Lakefield, Ontario.   The eight member band features fiddle-based music that ranges from traditional jigs and reels to their own folk-rock compositions.  All the members play multiple instruments and all step dance as part of their act.   We discovered before the show that Leahy had a large following of people who had seen them before and traveled a long way to see them again in Santa Fe.  It was simply one of the most enjoyable concerts we’d ever attended, made better by the fact that it was a complete surprise.   And so, Leahy qualifies as today’s favorite.

Perhaps their signature piece is The Call to the Dance, which features lead fiddle, Donnell Leahy and ends with the entire family step dancing.  This is from a concert in Gatineau, Quebec.  You can find The Call to the Dance on their album Leahy.

My favorite is a song called Moment from the album Lakefield, which is about living all of life, moment by moment … the way I wish I could live.  The lead vocal is by Erin Leahy.


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2 Comments on “Playing Favorites 10/14/2022”

  1. barryh Says:

    Reblogged this on I can't believe it! and commented:
    Not often I blog music, but these pieces by the Canadian family group Leahy (from Older Eyes blog) are quite refreshing!

  2. Mike Curatola Says:

    Good ones, Bud. Thanks for your share.

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