Political Fundraising

donationsFor a few years, I posted every day.  It was work, coming up with a topic and writing every day.  I am now retired, and I post when I am so inclined, which seems to be once or twice a week.   Sometimes, it is because I am inspired.   Sometimes, it is because a topic appears in this old brain and will keep me awake nights until I write it.   And sometimes, it is because something bugs the crap out of me and I have to get it off my chest. Today’s post is the latter.

I consider myself a good citizen.   I follow what is going on in our various levels of government, try to evaluate election candidates carefully and I always vote.  At this point in my life, I am a moderate which means it is hard to find a home in either party.  I have never been inclined to donate to political causes or candidates.  Until 2020.   When Donald Trump turned out to be far worse than my initial opinion of him (which was a pretty low bar in the first place) and seemed to me to be a threat to the country I love, I contributed substantially to the Democratic Party and was overjoyed when Joe Biden won.  Of course, by contributing regularly, I placed myself on every Democratic fundraiser in the country.  And so, as this year’s midterms rolled around, I found my text inbox littered with requests for contributions to election campaigns all over the country.  While that is indeed a nuisance, it is not the number of solicitations that drive me crazy, it is their nature.  Here are a few examples from my inbox in the last few days;

Hi, this is Joe, they begin. Or Hello, Francis, this is Nancy. Really?  Are we really on a first name basis?  You are an anonymous computer producing requests for money and it is unlikely your name is Joe. (And, yes, I’ve already donated.)

A group of GENEROUS Democrats are 400% matching the next to fund the 150 donations to fund our Georgia voter turnout team through the runoff.   Excuse me … if you have 400% from those donors, why do you need my few dollars?  (And, yes, I’ve already donated.)

This. Just. Happened.  Friend, we’re choking back HAPPY tears, Everyone is helping.  But we still need 53,132 gifts to fuel our campaign.  Uhh, I don’t even know you, you’re not my friend.  And are you sure you need 53,132 donations?  How about 42,196?   Or 67,234?  I’ve researched such funding thresholds are they entirely artificial. (And, yes, I’ve already donated.)

We need to raise $125,000 before midnight and we’re only 48% of the way.  These supposed fundraising deadlines are bullshit, too. (And, yes, I’ve already donated.)

You are the last Democrat in zip code 84009 not to respond to our survey.  Click on this link.   If I click on the link, I get a few innocuous questions, then the only question that matters … Will you contribute $20?   And besides, this is Utah.  I might be the only Democrat in zip code 84009.  (And, yes, I’ve already donated.)

I am not picking on the Democrats.  I’m sure Republican fundraising is similar.  And I’ve seen The Donald fundraising techniques.  Yikes.   Maybe this sort of pressure and melodrama works on some people.  But for me, an inbox crammed with annoying texts energizes my right-index-finger-delete-reflex, not an urge to open my checkbook.   Just saying.  (And, yes, I’ve already donated.)

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2 Comments on “Political Fundraising”

  1. Jane Fritz Says:

    I can’t help but think that it’s a real shame that the attempt Obama made to put some kind of limits on campaign donations was rejected by the Supreme Court based on freedom of speech. The amounts of money spent on campaigns and the endless lengths of the campaigns just doesn’t happen elsewhere. All that money could be put to much better use. But I agree with you about feeling the responsibility of being involved. Sigh. Thanks for this post.

  2. chamblee54 Says:

    I found a blog post I wrote during the Obama administration, and it had a quote from you. I am pleased to see that you are still blogging.
    I post something every day. It is often reruns, like today’s post featuring your quote. Reruns were a staple of the TV I grew up with, and continue to fill the need for entertaining content.
    Please continue to post content. Try not to look at the statistics.

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