Winter Ramble

postaday-badge-bigYears ago, when I participated in WordPress’ Post-A-Day, I would occasionally wake with no inspiration for the day’s post.   On those days, I would post what I came to call a Ramble, a post that starts with no place to go and often stays that way.   Here we are on the sixth day of January 2023, a year in which one of my (unwritten) resolutions is to post more often.   In 2023, I have posted exactly once.   If I go back and look at my list of posts for 2022, I find that I posted fifty-five times last year, which means I posted on average, every 6.6 days … so six days into the 2023, I find myself on the verge of breaking my resolution to post more.  Therefore, dear readers, you get a Ramble.

This is our fourth winter living in South Jordan, Utah.  If you read the Who’s Bud page of my blog, you will find that Bud was born in 1944 in New England and though he’s lived in California since 1971, he’s still a New Englander at heart.  It’s true.  I have found that I love having real seasons again here in Utah and especially waking up to a fresh snowfall in the park and meadows that I can see out my office window.   But Utahns (Really. That’s what they call themselves) warned me that winters have been mild lately … wait ’til we get a REAL winter.

Well, this winter has been more of a real winter, several weeks of snow showers interspersed with accumulation of a foot or more.  I know, not serious snow by Buffalo standards … or even by the standards of Mentor OH, where my brother lives … but enough to thwart the snow removal efforts on our local streets, leaving narrow driving lanes and intersection partially blocked.  Naively, we ventured out in the worst of it on some errands, a trip we navigated safely but resolved not to do again.   But I still love the snow, especially from the confines of our home.  Perhaps the best winter moment to SAVOR was when we arrived home from Christmas with our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids.  On the drive from the airport, it was raining heavily, melting the pre-Christmas snowfall and leaving dirty slushy piles.  But when I awoke in the morning and opened the shutters, this is what I saw.  The rain had turned to snow and the world was white again.  Just beautiful.


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One Comment on “Winter Ramble”

  1. Jane Fritz Says:

    Snow may make getting around more challenging but there’s no doubting its beauty!

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