I’ve had a case of blogger’s block lately, at least in part because I’ve been trying to avoid posting about politics since the Republican menagerie was sworn into the U.S. Senate.  But a story today about Marjorie Taylor Greene was such low hanging fruit, I couldn’t resist posting about it. Headline:

Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Attacked’
by Woman While at Restaurant

Green was quoted in Newsweek as saying, that a woman and her son started shouting at her like “demons” while she was working with her staff on Monday evening, saying that the two of them were “completely out of control.”   In referring to her tormentors, she went on to say, They are self-righteous, insane and completely out of control.  People used to respect others even if they had different views.  But not anymore.  Our country is gone.  This from the shrew who recently heckled the president of the United State during his State of the Union address.   I wonder if MTG could possibly see the Irony of her statement.  I doubt if she even knows the meaning of the word.  She will say anything to get in the news because news coverage means attention and attention means contributions from the MAGA right.   The phrase Taste of your own Medicine comes to mind.

Perhaps it is time for Democrats to take the gloves off and treat these people the way they treat others.  Yeah, I know.  We don’t gain anything by stooping to their level.   Well, except for some satisfaction.

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One Comment on “Irony”

  1. Jane Fritz Says:

    Your title says it all, in a polite way!

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