IF ONLY, RIGHT ??  Yes, my April Fools Day readers, you’ve been had by Older Eyes again.  Unfortunately … Thought Number Twosome things are just too good to be true.  We’ll just have to go on fighting our waistlines together.  By the way, the last paragraph in my post was mostly fiction (there is an Mrap gene that leads to obesity) and the second paragraph isn’t all that true either.  Believe the first, though.   Hopefully, you’re not too disappointed … or ticked off … to push my button … gently … to make me Number One on Top Sites Tuesday Number #246.

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5 Comments on “”

  1. Sharon Towns Says:

    Dang it… I’m gullible. I fall for it every time. I just looked at another pill today. I’ll have you know I did not buy, I’m going to get my mouth wired shut instead.

  2. Mrap = Meat Restaurants Alcohol Pastry good one Bud LOL. I think cats make people fat ! I can’t think of a single skinny cat lover ! And they cause mental illness….Cat Hoarding !

  3. Well it is Diet (Die with a T at the end) and exercise that does it. Simple math Calorie in and energy out ….. ! But it is so easy to put the fuel (Calories in) and such hard works to exercise (energy out) Just sayen, spend less time playen with the Cat and more time exercising ! See it is the cats fault !

  4. cherperz Says:

    You would think I would be familiar with your April Fools jokes. I am so gullible.

    • oldereyes Says:

      I think I made my post too technical and long. By the time most people got to the end, they were too worn out to push the Read the Rest of This Post button (i.e. – you weren’t alone. Muri, too, for one). But what the heck, I had fun writing it.

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