Starting a WordPress Blog

Blogging has become, for me, part of my day, an avocation that takes the place of my mostly absent vocation of engineering by bringing some discipline and routine to my life.  I won’t say that I found WordPress after an exhaustive search of blogging platforms … someone recommended it and it looked like a hospitable place to start.  And it has been as close to perfect as an online entity can be.  Maybe it seems odd to put together a How To page for something I’ve repeatedly said is easy with excellent online support.  But I am, among other things, a computer geek and I enjoy figuring such things as WordPress blogging out.  I’m confident most readers could use WordPress without any help from me but I think a road map can get anyone up and blogging faster.  Once up and blogging, there will be more motivation to learn more.   Here are my posts on the blogging experience, mostly written in January of 2014 in a five part series aptly titled Starting a WordPress Blog.  I’ve titled the links to them to describe their content and may add more as time goes on.  I hope you find these helpful:

Why Blog?  – Not-quite serious thoughts on why I blog
Introductory Thoughts on Blogging with Wordpress
Setting Up a Blog on (For Free!)
Formatting Your Blog Home Page
Your First Post
Thoughts on Readers and Getting Read

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