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Sudden Beauty

August 9, 2022

PSX_20220808_081837Don’t you love it when you are going through the motions of a mundane day, uninspired and mindless, when suddenly something soul stirring appears right in front of you and (to borrow a saying from my youth) blows your sensory doors in?  It could be a herd of antelope in our meadow or the setting sun illuminating the mountains.   It is what some of my friends call God showing off … other say Nature in all its glory.   Here on Oldereyes – Bud’s Blog, it doesn’t matter which you choose, as long as you take time to notice.  And let it move you.  Some years ago, I became an avid photographer when I found out that keeping a camera close by keeps me noticing the world around me.   Yes, I know, every phone has a camera, but a real camera is better no matter what Apple tries to tell you.

This week as I turned onto Lake Avenue headed toward Mountain View Parkway, the sky was filled with clouds tinted gold by the late afternoon sun.   The sky was a crisp blue and seemed to go on forever.  I reached for my camera and … gloom …I’d left it at home.  But yes, I had my phone.   I pulled to the side of the road and began snapping (well, I know, phone cameras don’t really snap but that’s how 78 year olds talk).  And here’s what I got.

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Nature in all its glory.   God showing off.  Amen.


May 14, 2021

ICBetween the years 2005 and 2010, I filled two large portfolios with drawings and paintings (plus a few that ended up on my office walls).   The impetus for this surge in creativity was something called art journaling, which I first came in The Artful Journal – A Spiritual Quest by Maureen Carey, Raymond Fox and Jacqueline Penney.  When I found the book I had been doing Morning Pages (a form of freeform written journaling recommended by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way) for years.   Morning Pages is three pages of longhand writing done first thing in the morning, stream of consciousness, no stopping, nothing off limits.  Connect the brain to the pen and go.   There are many good reasons to do Morning Pages but the one I want to talk about is silencing the fellow who provides the title of this post, I.C. – your Inner Critic.  We all have one, that voice in our heads who is fond of telling us we’re not very good at things, especially that first attempt at a poem or short story … or a first watercolor or drawing with pastels.  Why?   Well, According to Hal and Sidra Stone in Embracing Your Inner Critic, it started out when you were a child as a guide to meeting the standards of those around you, correcting you internally before you get in trouble.   But somewhere along the line, it tries to take over, becoming a specialist in telling you what you can’t … and shouldn’t … do.  Mostly by telling you you’re not good enough. (more…)

Park Day One

January 5, 2013

park1One of the casualties of a busy December, in addition to Morning Pages, was regular trips to the park in the morning to write them.  Although there are advantages to writing at home, I miss being out among the trees, the birds and the regular park people, so I was anxious to get back there.  But New Years Day, I slept in and on Wednesday, I had my usual volunteer commitment at the local 12-Step office.  Thursday, I had an early afternoon business meeting to prepare for so I didn’t want to waste time driving back and forth.   But on Friday morning, I finally made it.  I’d bought a new sketch book and some drawing pencils, planning to do a little art journaling in lieu of writing my Morning Pages. (more…)

What It Is

August 15, 2012

More and more often, I’ve been leaving my Wednesday post … usually on art or writing … for Wednesday morning, something I rarely did in my first two years of blogging.   Am I becoming more relaxed about the whole thing … or a little burned out after posting almost every day for a year and a half?  That depends on which Wednesday you ask.  Last night, it was burned out … nothing came to mind.  The plan was to write something first thing today.  But today started with a call from my sometimes employer, a company that places experts for short term jobs like consulting on legal cases and evaluation of technologies.  It looks like I have another assignment, although one never knows until the signatures are on the page. Between my hourly rate and what they charge for placing me, there can be sticker shock to someone not used to employing experts.  I’m worth it, not just because I really am an expert but because I work very hard for my clients. (more…)

Words and Pictures

March 28, 2012

I  asked a friend who knows about such things why people … and I, in particular … who have perfectly good relationships still love heartbreak songs.   She said, Often, people have sadness to deal with that they can’t face directly, so they sublimate it onto the music.   That is part of the fascination of art journalling for me … it brings out things that might remain in my unconscious otherwise, things that might not even be revealed in my Morning Pages.  The combination of prose or poetry with freeform art recommended in Jeanne Carbonetti’s The Yoga of Drawing has particular power to bring forth work that surprises me. (more…)

Places Only Imagined

March 21, 2012

Many of my paintings combine watercolors with pen and ink.  The truth is that I don’t have the technique, skill or patience to bring the kind of detail I want to the page with watercolors and at this point in my life I’m not inclined to take the time to learn.  On the other hand, I’ve dabbled with pen and ink for years.   Like many of my art journal entries, these start with a very wet wash of several colors.  Often, I stand the page on end to let the colors flow where they will.  Once a background is set, I splatter other colors onto the wet page until a theme presents itself.   Frequently, the result is floral, other times it’s like a very wet doodle.  Sometimes, the background suggests a scene, a snow covered mountain or an imaginary city.   Then I let the paint dry and begin to work with opaque ink in a drawing pen, usually just black and white but occasionally with colors.   The scenes are Places Only Imagined that are as much a surprise to me as they are to others.   I rarely title my paintings but I thought it would be fun to post several here and ask my readers to title them.  I have titles in mind, too, which I’ll post once I’ve heard yours.  And if no one wants to play, that’s fine, too.  If you click on each painting, you’ll get a higher resolution view.  Thanks for stopping by. (more…)