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Women and Augusta

April 7, 2012

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One morning this week, stalled in the middle of my Morning Pages, I scribbled a post in my notebook.  My intent was to transcribe it to WordPress today as my Saturday post.  Then, on my way to the UPS office to return something to Amazon (their return policy is wonderful), I happened upon the Larry Elder Show.  You may know that Elder is a conservative African American radio commentator who often chides the media in general for statements like, The black community believes that (fill in the blank).  His point is that although the community as a whole may have certain political leanings, it is not a monolith, Elder being a prime example of that.  I’m inclined to like him, partly because I see him as more of a libertarian than a conservative, which appeals to my own libertarian tendencies.  He also brings interesting issues to the table. (more…)