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Peeves. Large and Small.

October 15, 2014

curmudgeonYou may have noticed that someone’s been missing here from Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog for a while.  That would be my cranky alter-ego, my Inner Curmudgeon.   But he’s back with some pet peeves, from small ones like internet ads and Facebook to big ones like the current over-reaction to Africa’s Ebola outbreak in the U.S.

1.  Internet video ads that play automatically when I navigate to a page: I understand that advertising drives the internet these days, but as a music lover who sometimes leaves his speakers on LOUD, I’ve been practically knocked out of my chair by some loudmouthed bozo selling some product or other.  I assure you, my response has never been, Oh, I think I’ll buy one of those.


March 20, 2012

So, here it is, Tuesday again, when I offer Two Thoughts on Tuesday as part of BlogDumps Top Sites Tuesday.  This week, the subject is Beer.   When I was a kid … a little kid … I was at a parade with my parents when a passing horse decided to urinate in the street right in front of me.   When I made an appropriate expression of disgust … perhaps ooohhh or yuck … and old man standing next to me said, That’s where beer comes from, you know.  So here’s Thought Number One: You’d think with that introduction to the fine art of beer making, I’d be sticking to wine and the hard stuff.  But I like beer.  Sometimes love it.  My Dad usually had a six-pack of Schaefer Beer in the fridge and on those occasions when  he’d have one, he’d drink it right from the can.  Aaaahhh, he’d sigh after is first sip.   How could a boy not associate the beverage with manhood?   I remember, too, stopping outside the Hulls Brewery on Congress Avenue in New Haven as a kid.   I remember the smell of beer in the air and a sign high on the building showing a man drinking a frosty Hull’s.   I think I remember that the sign emitted a gentle spray, meant to be the foam from his glass, but I may have been hallucinating from the smell of the hops. (more…)