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Big Boy Pants

March 27, 2013

BBpantsIf you follow NBA basketball … and in particular, the Los Angeles Lakers … you know that this has not been a good season for Lakers fans.  A team that seemed packed with enough stars to contend for the Championship has struggled to stay above five-hundred, enduring coaching changes, injuries, lack of chemistry between players, and players that don’t seem to fit in with the new system.  Pau Gasol, the all-star forward who has won three championships with the Lakers, in particular, has had a hard time fitting in with the new coach’s system, so his scoring is down considerably.  Pau is known as a sensitive player and at one point, Kobe Bryant (not known as a sensitive player) suggested that Pau needed to put on his Big Boy Pants, a comment that went viral on the web.  You’d think that Pau Gasol, who is 7 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds, could only wear Big Boy Pants but, of course, what Bryant meant was that Gasol needed to stop whining and man up.  A few nights later, when Kobe missed the final shot against the Houston Rockets, the Houston announcer gushed that, The Lakers pooped their Big Boy Pants, which also went viral.  Isn’t sports journalism grand?  Four months later, Bryant, never one to succumb to an injury, when asked if he would play after a severe ankle sprain, said, It’s Big Boy Pants time for me.  He missed only three games.  Last night, I watched The Other Guys, which includes Will Ferrell’s famous Big Boy Pants scene.   And on, I noticed that Brit Hume said that President Obama lacks the Big Boy Pants to take responsibility for what happens under his watch.  Isn’t political journalism grand? (more…)