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Dogs … Everywhere

September 19, 2017

Resized_20170216_185030 This post started out as a curmudgeonly rant by my alter ego, Older Eyes.  But here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog, we like our rants to be (a) funny and (b) not too controversial.  It ended up neither.   It therefore will reside on my other blog, Both Sides Now.   If you would like to read both sides of the growing trend of allowing dogs everywhere …and can comment respectfully … you can find it here.   On the other hand, if you might find such a post hard to take, I invite you to enjoy this picture of Older Eyes with his most animal-loving friend’s dog as evidence that, while he is a cat lover, he likes dogs, too.  Just not Dogs … Everywhere.



April 2, 2017

This is a repost of something I posted at the end of 2009, the year I started Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog.  I don’t remember what was going on but obviously I was looking for guidance.  This has been a difficult few months and I find myself looking again.   The same thoughts apply.

Years ago, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.    When she went through surgery and the subsequent radiation, my son’s cat, Mr. B, was staying with us.   Mr. B was an affectionate people-loving cat to start with but when my wife came home from the hospital, he became her constant companion.   He’d curl up next to her on her pillow whenever she was in bed and drape himself over her neck when she came home exhausted from radiation treatments.   A genuine bond formed between them.   After the twelve weeks of radiation were over, we made plans to go back east and visit our families.   The morning we were leaving, Mr. B was killed by a coyote in our front yard which was devastating to both of us.    I don’t remember which of us it was that suggested that he was an angel who’d been called home because his job looking after my wife was done.    Interestingly, when I told my sister what had happened, she suggested the same thing.  Of course, we aren’t the first to suggest that our felines might be angels … Allen and Linda Anderson’s book, Angel Cats – Divine Messengers of Comfort, is full of similar stories. (more…)

Not Just Monday

September 14, 2015

I need to write today even though I have been neglecting Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog for over a month.  I need to write something to make me cry, to stop holding at bay the sadness I am feeling over the loss of a friend.   My son’s Siamese cat, Mr.P. has been missing for three days now.  He’s always been a little escape artist, waiting for an open door to slip away on an adventure in the great outdoors.   In the past, he’s always returned within a day, usually slipping in through the patio door left open for his return.  The hills around our home in Anaheim Hills are full of interesting creatures for a feline to stalk but they are also home to larger predators, like coyotes.   With each passing hour, our hope that Mr. P will come home fades.  It’s just a cat, Older Eyes, and not even yours, you may be thinking.  Well, for one, he isn’t just a cat and for two, I’ve loved him as if he was mine. (more…)

Safe or Sorry

August 9, 2015

mr pAbout a week ago, I discovered that our Siamese cat, Mr. P, had fleas.   Because our cats are indoor cats, it’s easy forget about fleas.  However, they do have access to the roof via my office window.  At any rate, if Mr. P has fleas, then Elvis, our Burmese, probably does, too, and there’s a good chance some of the nasty little buggies are in the carpets.  I drove to Target and picked up some Hartz flea treatment under the assumption that all flea treatments are created equal.  I applied a little bottle of liquid to the back of each feline’s neck and assumed I wasElvistoo done.   An hour or so later, I was on buying something and thought I’d see what the flea treatment cost there.  To my surprise, the user reviews for the product I’d chosen were all one star, each accompanied by horror stories of sick or dead cats resulting from its use.  I admit, I panicked.  I drove to the local vet and asked what I should do.  She told me that most cats don’t suffer any harmful effects and offered a suggestion of two similar products that they feel is safer (and also kill fleas more effectively).  I felt better but still went home and bathed the cats.  Did you know,  by the way, that soapy water kills fleas if you leave it on for five minutes?  A week later, I treated them both with Bayer Advantage II.  Fleas, dead and dying, began falling off them almost immediately.  End of story.  Almost. (more…)

Crazy Friday

January 16, 2015

elvis eyesWhen I got up this morning and headed downstairs to make coffee, the cats were waiting for me outside the bedroom door, Elvis just staring at me with those big Crazy eyes of his and Mr. P meowing like Crazy (or at least what passes for meowing with a Saimese cat.  They aren’t also known as Meezers for nothing).  When the beans were ground and the coffee was ready, I poured myself a cup and added a splash of half-and half, only to see it curdle.  It drives me Crazy when the half-and-half goes bad and I ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee.  I did my Morning Pages at the kitchen table on my tablet with Elvis and Mr. P nudging me like Crazy for some attention.  Cats.  On the way to the park, I pulled up behind a van stopped at a Stop Sign.  He may have been waiting for it to change because he didn’t move until I blew my horn.  Probably texting.  Cars were going straight from the right turn lane and turning left from the right turn lane … and an SUV almost side-swiped me when the driver tried to slip by on my right only to discover that the lane was closed ahead.  But, in spite of the crazies on the road, I made it to my favorite place in the park, ready for some peace and quiet.  Didn’t happen … there were three Crazy kids feeding the ducks then trying to hit them with sticks when they got close enough.  Of course the kids are Crazy because their parents are Idiots.  Dad was a big Idiot so Older Eyes kept his mouth shut until he couldn’t stand it any more, then came home.  It’s officially a Crazy Friday.

Purring into the Weekend

January 9, 2015

catHere it is Friday and I haven’t posted since Monday.   The compulsive side of me begins to get a little antsy when I don’t post and no one likes an antsy compulsive side.  My Inner Curmudgeon, usually a reliable source of posts (which my readers find funny and my wife, not so much), is taking a vacation.  Always a curmudgeon, when I asked him to help me come up with something, he just said, *%$@ off.   Yesterday, I started a post on Why police don’t use non-lethal weapons.  It is a complicated subject (contrary to the brainless comments on most message boards) so between research and deciding what to say, even I was bored halfway through the post.  In case you can’t wait to hear what I have to say, I’ll likely post it at some point, so check back now and then.  And get a life.  Like I say, he’s always a curmudgeon.  So, today, you get a bit of fluff.  Feline fluff. (more…)

Friday Favorites 5/16/2014

May 16, 2014

cameraIf you are a regular, you may have noticed that I’m scrambling to keep up with my Postaday Badge this week.  Question, by the way – do I have any regulars?  Other than me, that is.  It doesn’t really matter …  the point is that with some drama early in the week, work to do for the job that may come in any day now, chores to do for the arrival of my grandkids on Sunday and fretting about my S-S-S-Seventieth birthday on Tuesday, the brain cells have been close to comatose at night when I usually blog.  So, here it is, a little before one p.m. on Friday and there are no Favorites posted.  So, I’m going to make it easy on myself and post several photos that I like. (more…)