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The Holidays

December 7, 2016

happy-holidaysHalloween is long gone and our Thanksgiving cruise with the grandkids is behind us.    The lights are up in retail centers and neighborhoods, a reminder to watch out for crazy drivers looking for to scoop up the day’s bargains. Sirius XM has already switched the Love station to Holly and the annoying automobile commercials have commenced … Santa driving a Mercedes instead of a sleigh and a Lexus with a bow in the driveway on Christmas morning. Television is turning Santa into a shill for every product known to man … its a wonder any kids believe anymore. Perhaps they just pretend to humor their parents. And as sure as Kohl’s in-store music will include the most annoying versions of Christmas carols imaginable, the posts on Facebook have appeared to remind me that I should say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. (more…)

Holiday Shopping

December 19, 2013

wreathLet me make something clear before anyone gets theirmenorah1 tailfeathers in a frazzle about Holiday Shopping.  I am not politically correct.  I celebrate multiple holidays at this time of year, hence, it’s Holiday Shopping.  When I greet someone of the Christian persuasion at this time of year … or even someone of the Christmas persuasion, as evidenced by the red Santa holiday shirt and flashing Rudy earrings … I say, Merry Christmas.  When it is someone I know is Jewish, I say, Happy Hanukkah.   If I am in unknown territory or, as they say, mixed company, I say, Happy Holidays. (more…)

Uncle Irving

December 9, 2012

Our First HanukkiyahForty-four years ago, Muri and I celebrated our first Chanukkah together in Bristol Rhode Island.  I had never had a menorah in my house and she had certainly never had a Christmas tree in hers.  I know that having the tree bothered her more than having the menorah bothered me.   I didn’t understand then but I do now.   I would be willing to bet that no one reading this has ever read an editorial against lighting a menorah during Christmas time, or against emulating Chanukkah traditions like potato latkes or dreidels.  That’s the advantage of being the majority religion.  But if you are Jewish and you attend services … or if you receive Jewish literature, like Jewish Life magazine, you are certain to hear how fundamentally un-Jewish it is to have a tree or to emulate Christmas by making what is a minor Jewish holiday into an extravaganza. (more…)