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The Tree

December 10, 2017

bahAs I get older, I find it harder to get myself into the Christmas spirit.   Yes, that is partly because my Inner Curmudgeon is a distant relative of Ebeneezer Scrooge.    Bah, humbug, he says as my neighbors literally cover their front lawn with every inflatable garish Christmas decoration they can find.   Bah, humbug, he says as car company commercials co-opt the holiday season, renaming it The Season of Audi or Happy Honda Days, and air commercials with adults drooling like toddlers over a car in their driveway.   I work hard to keep my Curmudgeon Inner, but it’s hard to do when the parking lot at Costco is like a demolition derby and in order to shop at the Brea Mall, I have to park on the outskirts of Lithuania.   Shopping for gifts for those I love used to be a way to lift my spirits, but these days, my daughter posts all the gifts her family wants on Amazon and both Muri and I have reached a point in our lives where the things we want can’t be bought.  Shopping becomes work.



Christmas Carols, Two

December 18, 2015

Merry ChristmasLast week, in Favorite Christmas Songs #1, I posted Sarah McClachlan’s Winter Song. Sarah may not know it … and certainly doesn’t care … but very few modern Christmas songs make it to Older Eyes Favorite Christmas Song list. I was, after all, raised by a music-loving Mom on the classic Christmas songs. Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and I’ll be Home for Christmas. Dean Martin’s Let It Snow. Judy Garland’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Burl Ives’ Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. Songs that are so attached to the original performers that covers by other artists sound false, no matter how well they’re done. Then there’s this:



December 9, 2015

carolsGrowing up in East Haven, Connecticut, Christmas was a big deal.  For one, East Haven was a largely Italian … and hence a largely Catholic town.  No, we weren’t Italian but we were Catholic.  That is certainly a good start to making Christmas a big deal.   I loved the Christmas story and perhaps more significantly, I believed in the Christmas story.   At some point over the years, I stopped believing but Christmas was better when I did.   I also had a Mom that truly loved everything about Christmas … the faith, the glitter and the traditions.  She lit up our home during the holidays and everyone was welcome, even the relatives no one else invited.   Her Christmas spirit lives inside me. (more…)

Monday Smiles – 12/3/2012

December 3, 2012

carolingOne of my fond memories of Christmas as I was growing up in East Haven, Connecticut, was going Christmas caroling the week before Christmas.  Our carolers were a ragtag bunch and odd mix of adults and kids with faces I only vaguely remember.  Always present was a woman from down the street with a warbling local choir soprano that sometimes tended toward a screech on the high notes.  I think she may have organized the event just to show off her singing but I suppose I shouldn’t complain.  We’d walk house to house, gathering on the sidewalk under the picture window that graced each of the small ranch homes in our neighborhood.   Families would gather in the window to listen, some patiently and some appreciatively.  Occasionally, there would be hot chocolate for all.  We sang the standards: Silent Night, Adeste Fideles and my favorite among the religious carols, O Holy Night.  And of course we’d close with We Wish You a Merry Christmas.   Even though my Christianity is far behind me, I still love Christmas carols.  Have I ever told you I have an almost frightening memory for lyrics? I know most of the lyrics to every carol, in some cases, multiple verses almost no one knows.  And I can still do Adeste Fideles in Latin. (more…)