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Sudden Beauty

August 9, 2022

PSX_20220808_081837Don’t you love it when you are going through the motions of a mundane day, uninspired and mindless, when suddenly something soul stirring appears right in front of you and (to borrow a saying from my youth) blows your sensory doors in?  It could be a herd of antelope in our meadow or the setting sun illuminating the mountains.   It is what some of my friends call God showing off … other say Nature in all its glory.   Here on Oldereyes – Bud’s Blog, it doesn’t matter which you choose, as long as you take time to notice.  And let it move you.  Some years ago, I became an avid photographer when I found out that keeping a camera close by keeps me noticing the world around me.   Yes, I know, every phone has a camera, but a real camera is better no matter what Apple tries to tell you.

This week as I turned onto Lake Avenue headed toward Mountain View Parkway, the sky was filled with clouds tinted gold by the late afternoon sun.   The sky was a crisp blue and seemed to go on forever.  I reached for my camera and … gloom …I’d left it at home.  But yes, I had my phone.   I pulled to the side of the road and began snapping (well, I know, phone cameras don’t really snap but that’s how 78 year olds talk).  And here’s what I got.

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Nature in all its glory.   God showing off.  Amen.


August 5, 2012

When I sat down in my recliner last night, there was a wonderful post on one of the ten sefirot, the divine attributes from the Kabbalah, bouncing around in my head, waiting to be written.  However, I was completely distracted by the Olympics, so you’re saved.   Instead you get a video.   On Clouds.  My Mom loved to paint clouds, although as I recall, she didn’t think she was very good at it.  As I recall, she was.   I think it’s the subtle change of color, whether it’s gray to white or to the oranges and pinks of a sunset, that make them perfectly suited to oil paints.  Have you ever watched them change overhead on a windy day, the way shapes (Mommy, it’s a giraffe!  No, it’s a kitty!) appear then morph into something else?   There is something about clouds that give me a sense of the infinite and lift my spirits.  Yet how many adults even bother to look up?   I found a post on titled How to Become a Cloud Chaser.   In it, the author, Gene Wise, says: (more…)