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January 8, 2013

TSTSo here it is, Top Sites Tuesday, the day on which  we offer Two Thoughts on Tuesday.  Last week, what with the holidays, I didn’t even notice it was Tuesday, so I missed out.  And this week, I am really busy with a proposal we’re writing.   So, in the interests of efficiency, I’m combining two tasks:  writing two complaint letters I’ve been meaning to write … one serious and one facetious … and Two Thoughts on Tuesday.  Next Tuesday, the proposal will be done and I promise you my undivided attention: (more…)

Looking for the Karma

November 15, 2011

My son has the word Karma tattooed on his wrist (ouch).  He sees it as a reminder to think before he acts because, in the Western interpretation of the word, What goes around comes around.   Sometimes, I wish he looked at his wrist more often but that’s another story for a password-protected post.   But here it is, Tuesday again, and Top Sites Tuesday #125 requires my Two Thoughts.   Karma is the topic.  What brings me to the subject of Karma?  To tell you that, I need to take you back to two prior posts. (more…)


October 27, 2011

A little over ten years ago, when we bought our house in Anaheim Hills, I bought a ten-year term insurance policy with Transamerica Life Insurance for the amount of our loan.   It was very inexpensive and the plan was to keep the policy in effect until the term expired.  The term expired in April of this year and I thought nothing of it … until a week ago.  In looking at a rarely used credit union account, I noticed a deduction of ten times the original premium paid to the insurance company.   Oh, shit, I said, and when I looked further, I found this had been being deducted monthly since April.  I knew immediately what had happened … they’d continued the policy at the rates for a sixty-seven year old man.  But I’d never authorized them to do so.   I immediately contacted my credit union and asked why they’d pay such an increase without contacting me … they told me to deal with the insurance company even though I’d purchased the policy through them.  Hmmm.  I contacted the insurance company and told them they’d done this without my authorization and that I thought they should refund my premiums since April.    Yesterday, I got a long obsequious letter filled with phrases like We welcome this opportunity to be of service to you and We appreciate your business.  The letter told me how to cancel the policy and informed me that they’d sent me two courtesy letters (courtesy letters?) telling me that the premiums would increase, so they could not refund my money.  Is it possible I missed the letters?  You betcha.  But it sure seems to me that a ten fold increase should require written authorization. (more…)