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Playing Favorites 2

April 15, 2022

music notesI have loved a lot of music in my 77 years.   The truth is, the number of new pieces I fall in love with has dwindled over the years and my new music loves are often jazz or country.  Current modern popular music seems simplistic and boring, except for hip-hop and rap, which offends my ears.  I remember what my Mom and Dad thought about the Rolling Stones and Neil Young, and how I promised myself that I would always stay up with new music.  Here I am, not so much, mostly stuck in the 60 and 70s.  My tastes are fairly eclectic … classical, jazz, country and rock … but the rock n roll of the 60s and 70s gives me the most joy and provides most of my pop favorites. (more…)

It Happens to Us All

August 24, 2009

The number of songs I’ve loved over the years surely numbers in the thousands, but only a handful changed my taste in music.    The first time I heard Suite: Judy Blue Eyes from the album, Crosby, Stills and Nash , I pulled over to the side of the road to listen … I was probably late for work, since the suite of four songs (written by Stephen Stills for his then girlfriend, Judy Collins) runs almost seven and a half minutes.    (more…)