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May 29, 2014

ten reasons longhand is better from an earlier post

For almost twenty years, I have … on and off … started my day with a form of freeform journaling dubbed Morning Pages by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way.  In the early years, it was almost always on … for the last few, frequently off.   I have found it a useful way to slow down the maelstrom in my head and see what’s really going on in there, perhaps even consider what I’d like to have going on in there.  My day goes better when I take the time, yet now, when I have more time at my disposal, I find myself skipping Morning Pages.  There was a time that I took skipping MPs, as I call them, a sign that I was avoiding something and perhaps that’s true.  But I also have a frustrating aspect to my personality that I am sometimes inclined to neglect exactly those behaviors that benefit me the most.   I’ve noted here before that no single activity calms me more than meditation and yet it remains at most an occasional component of my life.   I’ve noticed that I’ve skipped Morning Pages more since I became a regular blogger.  I wonder if perhaps posting hasn’t replaced Morning Pages as my morning write.  I’ll say this … producing a post I like stops the maelstrom in my head and is creatively more fulfilling than Morning Pages but it is nowhere as useful in revealing the thoughts within that maelstrom, partly because some of those thoughts don’t belong in the public domain.   I suppose it’s a possibility that after twenty years, there are no new thoughts within the maelstrom which makes the hour or so it takes to do MPs just plain boring.  Nah. (more…)


February 1, 2012

I read a post the other day on coming east titled The Most Immediate Breath of Life.  Susan’s topic was her collection of her parents’ letters and what a wonderful history of two people’s lives the letters provide.  It was about the extinction of handwritten letters.  In searching the web, I found articles on the extinction of cursive, that sometimes beautiful mode of writing that I never quite mastered as a boy.  There are even articles about the demise of handwriting entirely.  Tomas Quinones wrote of taking a writing class in which the teacher required all drafts to be handwritten.  Some of the students could hardly write anything legible, he said, and claimed they were never taught to write in cursive and did all of their writing assignments and notes on a laptop since they were in kindergarten.   I suppose you can’t stop progress and you can’t stop technology, but still to those of us with Older Eyes, it’s sad. (more…)