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Futzing with Facebook

November 12, 2011

The benefits of having a blog … and feeding it on a regular basis … are numerous for a reluctantly retired, achievement-oriented engineer turned writer.   First, and foremost, it provides a regular medium for writing something more structured than Morning Pages but more immediate than should-be-novels or maybe someday-nonfiction-books.   That accounts 67.5% of the total benefits of blogging.  Bud’s Blog also provides a reason to research (sometimes useless and arcane) facts on the internet as well as a motivation to learn how to use computing or social networking tools … roughly 15% and 10% of the total benefits, respectively.  Yes, that leaves 7.5% unaccounted for.  That would be for keeping my sixty-seven year old mind busy because, as my mother used to say, An idle mind is the devil’s golf course.  Or something like that. (more…)