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A Father’s Day Story

June 18, 2017

buddyWhen my Dad got out of the service, we moved to small apartment on the Boulevard in New Haven, Connecticut.   As I recall, it was a refurbished Army barracks.  My mom told me that when the wind blew, you could feel it through the walls.  I am fortunate to have some pictures of our years there but my memories of the Boulevard are sparse and dimly lighted.   I do remember them as good times.   There were tons of kids to play with, my parents had lots of friends (many of whom they kept touch with through most of their lives) and there was lots of space to play baseball or tag on the apartment grounds, even if it was mostly dirt.   What more could a kid ask for?


Old Softies

June 16, 2017

bud and dadTwice a week, I find myself in rooms with many men who grew up with difficult, even abusive fathers, men who say things like, I know my father loved me, even if he couldn’t show it.   I am fortunate to have had a father who made it clear that he loved me, more often by his actions than his words.  Was he difficult?  Not by the standards of my friends in those rooms.  Still, he could be a strict disciplinarian with a quick hand (as was the nature of discipline back then) and he had a tendency to push me toward being better by pointing out the things I didn’t do well instead of my successes (also more common back then).  He was a man of few words.  My uncle once said to me, Your Dad doesn’t have much to say but when he does, he sure knows what he’s talking about.   Dad wasn’t given to emotional or philosophical discussions … that was the province of my Mom.  No one ever called my Dad a Softie and if they had, he’d likely have considered it insulting. (more…)

The Right Dad

June 19, 2011

Our local all-sports station, KSPN, has been having a contest this week.  You call in and leave a message telling why your father is the Best Dad and if yours is chosen, your father gets an all-expense paid trip to the ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, CT.   Every father’s dream, right?  On KSPN’s Saturday morning Weekend Warrior Show, Dave Miller invited every caller to conclude their call by telling why their father is the Best Dad.  Of course, it’s Father’s Day  weekend.  It seems to me that while writing an essay on Why My Daddy is the Best Daddy is a reasonable exercise in grade school, Best Daddy contests for adults seem a bit sophomoric.  Then again, if I pick up a rock at random in my back yard, chances are it will be more self-aware than your average sports-talk host. (more…)