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Pressed for Words

December 14, 2010

Yesterday morning, after I finished my Morning Pages and a few book keeping tasks, I logged into Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog to take a one last look at my Monday post before publishing it and to see if I’d had any comments on my Sunday post, Sunday Funnies.   Usually, it’s a good day if I have two or three comments the day after posting and it’s not unusual for it to take a few days for my small cadre of regular readers to turn up.   But this time, my WordPress Dashboard showed 21 comments awaiting moderation.   Oh, %#$*&, I thought, I’ve been spammed … but when I took a peek at a few of the comments, they were legitimate.   My eyes wandered to my Stats and I saw that I had over 600 views for the day so far.   Yikes.  Yippee! (more…)