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March 5, 2020

This morning, as usual, I picked may way through the news on my tablet, carefully avoiding coronavirus hysteria and articles on what ‘our president tweeted concerning things he knows nothing about.   It seems there is less and less that I bother to read.   Oh, there are a few things I liked.  The coronavirus has at least pushed climate change off the front pages … and Kindly Uncle Joe is making a comeback against Crazy Uncle Bernie.  And as always there’s something to give me a laugh to offset the grim news.  Today’s gem is an article on BGR titled This hidden Google Maps trick just changed my life.   Having recently been battling with Google Maps to get my home address to appear in the right place, I was intrigued.  Imagine my disappointment when I found that the trick was a way to add preferences to the restaurants that Google Maps suggests when you search in an area.  Really?   If that changes your life: (1) you are eating out entirely too much; and (2) you really don’t have a life. (more…)