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(Not a) Golfer’s Rash

August 24, 2020

From 4th grade on, I grew up in East Haven, Connecticut, about a mile from the New Haven Municipal Golf Course which played a significant part in my childhood.   When I was younger, its hills were the preferred place for sledding  and as I got older and acquired my own ice skates, its water hazards became the local skating rink.  It became a source of income, too.   The third hole, a par three, ran right along Granniss Street and in spite of a high fence, a fair percentage of golfers managed to slice the ball over the fence where we were waiting.  Sometimes we’d quickly find the ball and try to sell it back to the golfer who hit it, but more often we’d pretend not to know where it was so we could sell it at a higher price to the next foursome.  By Junior High I was standing with the other boys along the walk leading to the clubhouse, asking, Caddie, sir? to golfers on their way to the first tee.   I began to play too, at first sneaking onto the course with a few clubs after hours, later actually paying the greens fees with my money earned caddying.  I played sporadically (and erratically) through college and even played in a league at work for a while.  But when my wife Muri and I moved to California, I gave it up.   I haven’t played in about fifty years. (more…)