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February 18, 2020

folding mapAre you old enough to remember the days when to get around a city you’d never visited before you stopped at a gas station and bought a street map?   A street map mysteriously folded so that once you unfolded it, it could never be properly folded again?   Or, if you were staying longer you’d buy a Thomas guide, 300 pages of detailed maps with print so small you needed a microscope to distinguish between Lake Avenue and Lark Avenue?  Do you remember trying to drive with with the map unfurled on your lap or getting frustrated with your navigator because she kept telling you to turn left at Redwood Avenue a block after you passed it.   Since we arrived in Utah shortly before Christmas, we have depended on maps to find our way to just about everyplace (and our way home again).  Fortunately, we have a remarkable bit of technology at our disposal … GPS navigation.   It is a distinct possibility that I’ve talked more to our GPS (which, by the way, I’ve nicknamed Myrtle) than I’ve talked to my wife since we’ve been here.   Yes, it is amazing, indispensable technology.   Except when it’s not. (more…)