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Hangin’ Words

May 8, 2013

startI suspect everyone has played the classic word-game, Hangman, as a kid.  How much they’ve played likely depends upon how much they enjoy games and how much they like words.  As a lover of words, even as a boy, I really liked Hangman.  My grandson, Reed, loves games and loves Hangman, so I have to assume he loves words (but not as much as math … I’m really good at math, he assures me).  When I play Hangman with Reed, I’m a good Papa and use words I think he’ll know, but if you, dear readers, were to challenge me, I’d bring out my Hangin’ Words, because I am both a lover of words and a competitive old coot.  Most people don’t like to play word games with me.  Let me introduce you to my favorite Hangin’ Word right here on Bud’s Blog.  Only six letters. (more…)