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I Don’t Get It

August 5, 2010

My favorite brother-in-law, Norm, has a saying.  When something puzzling happens (a pretty young woman goes by with her hair dyed blue … a movie makes no sense at all … we mention Facebook), he’ll look at us and with his best Steve Martin deadpan delivery, say I Don’t Get It.   Like Help Me Bob! it’s become part of my growing lexicon of family sayings and as I get older, I find  I’m saying I Don’t Get It more and more often.   That worries me because for years, I’ve had a theory: that the primary reason elderly people decide to check out of this life … provided they are fortunate enough to avoid a fatal illness … is that they get to the point where they’re saying I Don’t Get It about virtually everything.   They feel like strangers in a strange land.  So, as I accumulate things I don’t get, I’m careful to add new things I do get to my life as well, like texting and blogging and Twitter. (more…)