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Seventy-Eight and Sick

October 31, 2022

sickIn my seventy-eight years, I have had most of the common ailments of life, fortunately none very serious (I can hear my wife, my mother, even my grandmother … saying, Knock on wood).  Yes, knock on wood.  I’ve had mumps. measles, chicken pox, and an assortment of flus, including COVID.  When did we start naming our flus?   I’ve had a few minor surgeries and spent a few nights in the hospital.  I am hypertensive and diabetic, thankfully both under control with the help of modern medicines.  My old friend, Don, when I used to complain about one of these maladies, used to say, That would have killed you fifty years ago.  Don was a mensch.   Luckily I have avoided the awful illnesses that appear on the return address bar of solicitations we receive requesting donations for research … Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis … the list goes on and on … and of course, the Big C, Cancer.   But I have watched friends and families deal with these diseases, some losing their lives.  After 78 years of life, I sometimes wonder when number will come up.  It may even have begun … I’ve developed arthritis in my lower spine which limits my walking unless kept at bay with a spinal steroid epidural. (more…)


April 23, 2014

bratI haven’t been feeling great for the last few days.  It’s been nothing major … some low grade aches and loss of appetite (I suppose that’s major news for me) and, well, a malaise.   Being sick, even a little sick, always makes me almost unbearably sad.   Have you noticed how much people differ in how they want to be treated when they are ill?  My wife, Muri … and our daughter, Amy … are LEAVE ME ALONE sickies.  Unfortunately, I like a little TLC and sympathy when I’m sick.  It’s hard for Muri to remember to stop by and say, How are you doing, Bud? and it’s hard for me not to drive her crazy stopping by to check up on her sick days.  We both do our best.  Sometimes, I think these mini-illnesses are nothing more than our bodies saying, I keep telling you, I need a break.  If you won’t listen, I’ll make us sick.  Sometimes, too, it can be an emotional crisis that brings on the psyche’s call for rest.  In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron describes a kriya (Sanskrit) as a spiritual emergency or surrender, something designed to get our attention and say, Hey, get it?  Or, perhaps I’ve just got a little bug.  What a concept. (more…)

Friday Favorites 5/27/2011

May 27, 2011

Many years ago, my niece gave us a book written by her rabbi, Harold Kushner.   The book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, sat on our bookshelf unread (at least by me … I honestly don’t know if Muri read it).   Then, out of the blue, my father had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital, where they discovered a tumor beneath his right temple.   The event rattled my youthful certainty about the nature of life, so I found Kushner’s book and began reading.  My father’s tumor was removed and found to be benign … he lived a mostly healthy life into his nineties … but Rabbi Kushner’s book stayed with me.  I was in my semi-Jewish phase, interested in Judaism but not enough to convert, and in my agnostic phase … wanting to have a God but not enough to commit.  You could say I was at a fragile point in my spiritual quest and I’m not sure what direction I’d have turned without When Bad Things Happen to Good People. (more…)