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Historically Speaking

May 19, 2012

This week, Muri and I visited the Heard Museum in Phoenix.  The Heard is a world famous museum of American Indian art and history, a subject that neither Muri or I have found particularly interesting.  The truth is, we went because John and Carolyn, our next door neighbors here in Arizona, said it was a nice museum … with an excellent restaurant for lunch.   We planned our visit to arrive at lunch time, and the restaurant was indeed excellent, serving Southwestern entrees with a touch of Native American ingredients.  We had guacamole with two salsas (a fire-roasted tomato and a roasted pineapple) then shared a wrap with oven roasted chicken, red pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, romaine, pepitas, and tzatziki sauce.  Delicious.  We then took a guided tour of the museum.  Our docent was a young Native American woman studying biological anthropology at the University of Arizona and she brought to life the pottery and jewelery and paintings lining the walls by relating them to the history of Arizona’s indigenous people. (more…)