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Bad Reputation

August 10, 2017

shower.jpgWe have recently been doing some renovation on our guest bathroom.  As is often the case in tract homes, the builder used a cheap bathtub that rusted through and began to leak water into the garage, which is directly below the bathroom.  Some heavy-duty caulking stopped the leakage for a while, but in July, the drip-drip-drip started again.   We called our friendly neighborhood plumber (he really is, here) and had our tub replaced with a high-quality cast iron one.  The plan was to remove the lower portion of the tile tub enclosure, but when that was done, it revealed some water damage to the framing behind the tile, so we had the entire enclosure removed and the framing replaced.  Then it was time to call our friendly neighborhood masonry guy (also really is, here) to redo the enclosure.   This was turning into a marathon (to the tune of the ka-ching ka-ching of money leaving our bank account). (more…)


Purring into the Weekend

January 9, 2015

catHere it is Friday and I haven’t posted since Monday.   The compulsive side of me begins to get a little antsy when I don’t post and no one likes an antsy compulsive side.  My Inner Curmudgeon, usually a reliable source of posts (which my readers find funny and my wife, not so much), is taking a vacation.  Always a curmudgeon, when I asked him to help me come up with something, he just said, *%$@ off.   Yesterday, I started a post on Why police don’t use non-lethal weapons.  It is a complicated subject (contrary to the brainless comments on most message boards) so between research and deciding what to say, even I was bored halfway through the post.  In case you can’t wait to hear what I have to say, I’ll likely post it at some point, so check back now and then.  And get a life.  Like I say, he’s always a curmudgeon.  So, today, you get a bit of fluff.  Feline fluff. (more…)