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Can You Believe … 49?

August 11, 2017

marriedWe have a group of four couples that we go out for dinner with for Christmas.  They are all friends we made when we moved into our first house in 1972.  We see each other sporadically during the year but Christmas is the only time we go out as a group.   One of the remarkable things about this group is that we have almost 200 years of marriage between us.   My wife, Muri, and I are doing our part with our 49th anniversary today.  Given our fairly long courtship at the University of Connecticut, we have known each other for 53 years.  Looking back at the immature, arrogant young man I was at 21, I have to believe I had some guidance in choosing her to be my wife.  Perhaps there’s some truth to the Jewish notion of a Basheert,  the name of the woman a man will marry announced by a voice from heaven 40 days he is born – literally a match made in heaven. (more…)

Silly Love Songs

November 13, 2015

sillyA few years ago, Paul McCartney had a hit with his post-Beatles band, Wings, titled Silly Love Songs.  I really disliked that song, in spite of the fact that it had a catchy tune that I would find drifting though my brain at odd times.  Catchy is not necessarily good.  In this particular case, catchy was awful, a lesson as to what can happen when a songwriting team that has produced hundreds of songs that altered the music industry go off on their own.  You get Silly Love Songs and Instant Karma.  The subject matter of Silly Love Songs, I can’t argue with because I LOVE love songs.   After all, I grew up on Put Your Head on My Shoulder and Dream Lover and navigated college to Reach Out I’ll Be There and Unchained Melody.  And from my Mom, I learned a fondness for the great American Songbook, whether it was performed by Old Blue Eyes, Linda Ronstadt or Diana Krall.  And being somewhat of an old school rocker, I’ve always loved bombastic love songs of the sort recorded by bands like REO Speedwagon, Journey and Chicago. (more…)

With All My …

February 14, 2015

heartWhether you are a romantic or not, whether you have a Valentine in your life or hate the day as 45% of Americans do, unless you lock yourself in your room today with the television off, you will see hearts everywhere.  And odds are that somewhere during the day, you will hear someone say, I love you with all my heartNow I think most people who know me would say  I am a romantic, but I am also a scientist, a scientist who has within the past few years had a thoroughheart evaluation of his heart by a cardiologist.  I assure you, he was not checking to see if I could love my Valentine, my wife Muri, in the way she deserves.  No, he was making sure that a cardiac misfire hadn’t caused a blackout I experienced while riding my bike.  It hadn’t and I’m fine, by the way, but having peered at my heart valves on the ultrasound machine, I know that my heart is a muscle, albeit a very sophisticated one.  So what’s with all this Love from the Heart nonsense? (more…)

A Pragmatic Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

I don’t remember my Dad making a big deal of Valentine’s Day.  I’m sure he did something, probably involving Whitman’s Chocolates.  I remember taking Valentines to school and the mini-agonies of getting fewer than your friends or picking out a special one for a girl but not getting one in return.  As a husband, I always tried to surprise Muri for Valentine’s Day, reading dozens of cards to find what that was just right, and buying her lots of presents including her favorite, See’s Candy.  In the best years for our business, the gifts were quite extravagant and given during Valentine’s Day mini-vacations in beautiful places.   Now, we’re in our sixties.  When holidays roll around, neither of us can think of gifts we really want … or, as Muri puts it, The things I want you can’t buy.  Besides, Valentine’s Day is my oldest grandson’s birthday and we’re here to help him celebrate.   So, it will be A Pragmatic Valentine’s Day, carefully picked out cards and I love you, nothing more.  To be honest, I can’t get used to it. (more…)

Friday Favorties 9/9/2011

September 9, 2011


As I was driving to my Thursday Night Men’s Meeting with my friend, Randy, last night, the overhead sign on the 57 Freeway read, MAJOR POWER OUTAGE IN SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY – EXPECT DELAYS.  I asked Randy, Had you heard about that?   Oh, yeah, it’s dark all the way to San Diego and Mexico.  Some parts of Arizona, too, he said.  It happened about three o’clock.  Randy’s on top of things like that.  I’m not.   According to Channel Five Eyewitness News (News … News … News…), the outage was caused by an employee carrying out a procedure at a power substation in southwest Arizona and should have been limited to the Yuma area, power officials in Arizona said in a press release. The power company, Arizona Public Service, didn’t immediately explain the procedure and were investigating why the outage wasn’t contained.  Hmmm.  It’s a little scary that one employee could (more…)

Love. Anger. Fear. Etc.

August 20, 2011


I was with a group of guys last week and the subject was fear.   If you look around these days you’ll see young men wearing No Fear shirts.  You’ll see No Fear decals in the rear windows of man-trucks the size of aircraft carriers.  In the parlance of 12-steppers, many men treat fear like a defect of character.  It’s my observation that some women treat anger in the same way (while men often consider it a birth rite).   Recently, a fellow blogger wrote a post about someone she hated at work, expressing guilt because she was taught, partly by her religion, not to hate.  According to, hate means to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest.   So, if it’s unChristian to hate, is it OK to dislike?  Dislike a little?  My blogger friend’s colleague had certainly earned her extreme dislike and even a few revenge fantasies. (more…)

Monday Smiles – 7/25/2011

July 25, 2011

If my wife, Muri, was a blogger, it’s likely that at some point she would write a post about my less-than neat-habits.  She might call it Drawers and tell you that my dresser drawers are so full of stuff … clothes I never wear and assorted junk … that she leaves my clean clothes on the bed and lets me put them in my drawers because she can’t bear to open them.   I admit it.  If my priority list were a blog, keeping my dresser drawers organized would be so far down the page that only my earliest readers would ever have seen it.   But every once in a while … perhaps there’s a peculiar alignment of celestial objects or some mystical combination of numbers when you combine my Social Security number with the date … I get this impulse to spend an afternoon drawer-cleaning.   Friday afternoon, it happened.  I filled one 39 gallon draw-string trash bag with clothes for donation to Whatever-Charity’s-Collecting this week and one standard issue grocery bag with junk to throw away.  But I also found three letters that were approximately 46 years old … and those are this week’s Monday Smiles. (more…)